This That And Frog Hair2: CNN GIVES TRASH A BAD NAME

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Sub-title Free speech my ass. Its Treason

Some days I think my head will just explode.

Yep from all the crap the media is throwing against the wall. Eventually sh*t will stick somewhere. I now have a first person and second person on my list (dream list of who I wish would go to the middle East and make nice with the terrorists.)
Yeppers. But that wouldn't work look at Robertson from cnn. Back to my list.

Wolf Blitzer #1
And his ever adoring side kick
Cafferty #2.

Just once I would like news to be delivered without the snide remarks and sneers from the idiots at CNN and or any other publication.

Or here's a thought at the beginning of the broadcast you tell anyone watching. This is your opinion and yours only. It does not reflect the average American.
It does however reflect the thoughts and opinions of communists and socialists. We endorse Extremists from a alledgedly peaceful religions. We are working overtime to have this nation attacked again. We will never stand behind any man that is of a Christian faith. We will slander all of Christian faith. We are agnostic and proud of it.

We are at war. I repeat WE ARE AT WAR. Simple concept stupid.

Don't tell the damn enemy our weaknesses. Do not film them. In case you have not noticed they don't need any freakin help. I could give a rat's ass about Karl Rove. I have my opinions and don't really think they will change.
Hey you don't like Israel then take your freaken ass to, say Iran.
There you can do justice to your calling.

Hey here's a thought about the print media. Go back to
journalism101 and take some of those classes over. It is quite apparent you have chosen a side, and its not the side of this Nation.

Can I hear an AMEN?????? From the peanut gallery? Oh and BTW I give CNN and thier suits the spinning nut award.

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This That And Frog Hair2: CNN GIVES TRASH A BAD NAME
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