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Monday, August 14, 2006

Today's menu

I have a long day today. It started quite early and I will probably keep posting shorter than normal.
First I have spoke with Conserative Girl and G.I. Man about guest blogging. So from now on you may see newer thoughts from a young military family coming in.
G.I. man was very ticked over some comments from REPack Rider.
Conserative Girl defended herself in the post above.

Today started before 5 a.m. with a call from one of the other grannies in my granddaughters life. Asking me pick her up.
Mom was back in the hospital. Pregnancy is not going well this last few weeks. A whole other story there. Granny apparently started having chest pains during this stressful trip to the e.r.
I have another dr appointment. So I will be out of pocket for hours.
Hubby is packing for another out of town job.

And How is your Day?

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This That And Frog Hair2: Today's menu
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