This That And Frog Hair2: Just some Pics and a Little Rant.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just some Pics and a Little Rant.

This time of year is a wonderful time of year if you make it that way.
I have been reminded this last few weeks how hard it can be on many people. This is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Many seem to only understand its about what they get and give.
I spent several hours making crafts with my four year old grandchild. During this time I tried to explain to her that no one can ever cancel Christmas. Christmas is the birthday of God. As long as there is belief there is God.
As I have reflected on the simple conversation with a small child I wondered how many take the time to actually celebrate the birth of Christ?
The wonderful gifts/blessings that we as a Christian Nation enjoy daily. If you listen to most people we have many poor. Poor only by the social classes in this nation.
Most of these same people would be considered wealthy by the standards of most of the world. Running water a roof over their heads, food clothes tv transportation.
This time of year is often the worst time of year for many. Depression, domestic problems, lack of money. Just ask any police officer. They will tell you a story or two. While everyone is rushing about these last few days. Think about those bell ringers that are collecting not actually for the poor but for the less fortunate. Those people will still be here the day after Christmas. They will still have needs.
Those little angels that are on trees. Take a few bucks and make a child happy. If you can afford an xbox you can afford pennies for the kettle or a new toy for a child.
Do it in rememberence of the true reason for the season. The selfless gift that God gave the world.
Enjoy the rest of the season. (Nope the pics don't go with the rant)

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This That And Frog Hair2: Just some Pics and a Little Rant.
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