This That And Frog Hair2: I am beyond Pissed

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am beyond Pissed

A woman weeps as the bodies of people killed in a U.S. military raid were brought to Baqouba hospital Wednesday Sept. 27, 2006. Four terrorist suspects and four civilians were killed by American soldiers and airstrikes during a
I post this picture straight from Yahoo. news AP and You wanta know why? Cuz this woman looks like the multi property owner in Lebanon. This resembles the same fraud from the Reut-to-gate of late.If this isn't the same woman its her freakin' cousin. The woman is in the same damn pose with the same look on her face.

What really pisses me off is the Headlines of FamilyDisputesMilitary.
Well too freakin bad! The problem is that the bleedin' hearts have give in way to much to these freaks and their propganda machine. I am damn tired of our media getting by with this crap. If you are in the middle of a war zone and the military of any country come a callin' common sense dicatates lay down your arms or die. Well apparently they didn't disarm so they met their god. Oh and as for the four women that died whaaaaa.......
Every time we turn around someone wants to0 make up some lame ass shit and blame our soldiers for it.

Then the creeps, freaks and everyone from the freakers ball jumps on the band wagoner and again they start flaming the fires of the idiots around the world. Enough already. Its time to stop pussy footing around and turn our Military loose and finish the damn job. This is not a police action. This is a war and should be fought as such before we are fighting said war in our own damn front yards.

We already have good men charged with bull shit similar to this. We have good soldiers that went to prison for bull shit to apease who. Not the F*cking enemy. It damn well didn't make them happy. Who does it apease the left F*CKING LEFT. Well its time to stand up and tell everyone in the beltway enough is enough. Its a damn war people die. Property is destroyed.
If you asked me and you didn't and I really don't care. Any condition we leave a place in is a damn site better than before we dropped a bomb on it. Most of those wonderful places everyone talks about were less attractive than the 9th ward to begin with. Shy of a nuke nothing we have done has been as bad as the madman that was running Iraq before we arrived there.

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This That And Frog Hair2: I am beyond Pissed
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