This That And Frog Hair2: Between You and Me

Friday, October 06, 2006

Between You and Me

As I sat here and scanned headlines about politics it occurs to me that the female type folks running this nation have missed the boat we the majority female people have set sailed on. As the media fawns over, Pelosi, Boxer, Snow, Hillary and all the other females. I have to wonder as I look around the world they consider fly over. Did they ever have to stretch a nickle into a dollar to feed and clothe their families?

Sure they can preach to us. They preach to us about abortion. Which is none of their business. They preach to us about the enviroment. They preach to us about safety. They preach to us about our kids. They even make laws to protect us. But do they really understand us? I am not talking about the uppper middle class or the wealthy. I am talking the average working mom.

Could any of these women walk in our flip flops for a week? Could they get up, wake the kids, get them fed dressed ready for school?Toss a load of clothes in the wash, load the dishwasher, appliy makeup on the run? Jot a note for a teacher? Find the math book under the couch, secure the house, scoot the kids out the door. Commute to work. Put in 8, 9, 10 hours a day at a stressful job. Then stop at the grocers on the way home to pick up that extra something for dinner. Get home, grab the ringing phone, separate two of the brood fighting............. Grab a skillet fling it on the stove begin dinner. Swap out the laundry seperate the brood again, fold the laundry answer the phone. Stir the dinner. Help one of the brood with homework. Empty the dishwasher. Continue cooking dinner, sorting the mail. Seperating the brood again. listen to the news, answer questions from the brood, while getting dinner on the table. After dinner cleaning the kitchen, checking homework, and deciding what lunches will be made of the next day?
Talk about a multi-tasker just talk to a mom. This don't count the things that everyones unwanted house guest Murphy brings into the home the broken door latch, the leaky sink, or the mice that decided to camp out under the freezer. This is the life of a mom and so much more. There are the baseball, basketball, football games to attend. The band practice to run to. How about the hours of listening to a future drummer or sax player thats just beginning. There's the daily responsibility of rearing responsible citizens.

This isn't a complete list of what a working mom goes through each day of her life. But I would bet my last sawbuck none of the females the MSM is so keen on could keep up with this pace. Not a real down to earth mother pace.

Oh sure they are They are running their heads about all the things that are important to us. They are also spending our tax dollars and wanting more. They are quick to pass out our tax dollars to any one that might make them look good.
These females want higher taxes, less rights. They expound on how smart they are they tell us about their education and they paint funny little stories about being moms. They may be mothers but I bet they were not moms.

In fact if you don't watch them they will tell us exactly how to rear our children. What religion to practice, what schools they go to, what clothes to dress them in. All in the name of what is good for us and our children. These females and males that don't walk in our shoes.

As I sat and thought about it its the new face of socialism and communism, the female face the softer, quieter way of stealing from families. I have only followed two or three female politicians that aren't this way or at least don't appear to be this way. In my opinion what we don't need to do is keep sending to D.C. folks that are not like us. We have to damn many attorney's in the beltway. I suspect that the founding fathers and mothers never intended the elite to be the ones making the rules. I suspect that their intentions was to have a More diverse group. (Which is another line of thought, for folks that preach diversity they are not a very diverse group.) I suspect that the Founders intended the Mom and Pops of this nation to take care this nation's business.

I think we should send real mom's to Washington. Hey just think about it. We would at least get our money's worth. A real Mom could cut the staff in half and still crank out three times the work. She could balance any budget on a shoe string.

As for going to war a real mom protects her own like a tigeress. Run this nation with 150 pms'n and menapausal women. Hell I bet they could have the dictators of the world quaking.
Yep just give me some real moms to run this country. Let the boys go huntin"
Pelosi yaking again.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Between You and Me
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