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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Chatty Blog-O-Sphere

Whats everone talking about this weekend? Well lets take a little whirl around the blog-o-sphere. Butch_123Beta is having a track back weekend. Always_On_The_Watch is talking about PS3 no not a military move.

Patrick_Is_Getting_Political_Debate Back woohoo.

There_Is_Praising_The center over at Crazy Politico"s hang out.

Eugene_Weixel has a letter beginning

Dear Amy Goodman :
On May 2, 2005, more than seventeen months ago, Administration For Children's Services Commissioner John Mattingly appeared on your program to discuss the scandal, or uproar around the forced use of foster children for HIV drug trials. As you may recall this matter had been brought to the attention of the public in December of 2004, almost two years ago, when BBC aired the documentary "Guinea Pig Kids, as your program had reported as well.
This will chap you a$$. Not Eugene but his topic.

I was going to permalink Gayle, but I can't she has to much going on and I can't pick just one thing to talk about. Plus the comment sections are always a worthy read.

Its been forever and a day I have shared
Holly's_Fight here its a victim advocate place and has tons of info.
John's talking about tradional

Poor Beth has had her bandwith stolen over at Bluestar Chronicles .

There are many wonderful places to wonder around and read .Chas' Compilation , Cigar Intelligence Agency, Hammerswing, Mikes Delirium, Iraq The Model, Leilouta, Paula , Pea Patch,
Just wonder around and visit your friends and neighbors or someone new.
Oh and don't forget to Say Bless you to a Lib. It seems to piss em off.

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This That And Frog Hair2: The Chatty Blog-O-Sphere
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