This That And Frog Hair2: Wierd News Round Up

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wierd News Round Up

1,000 year old pre-Inca City find

Rare zoo lion cubs poisoned

How an Icelandic volcano caused historic famine in Egypt

Man who killed swan was hungry

A sneak preview of the world's first Creationist museum

There are times when I am doing my wierd news I stop and think about someting I read on other blogs. My very good friend and Merry Man Patrick often posts on his beautiful tasty chickes. The following reminded me of several of his posts and that Merry Man Chas's and his farm reports. Hens with bigger combs get more sex

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

Did dinosaurs survive meteor impact?

Israel developing bionic hornet

Who were the Dogheads?

Satellite spots glowing ocean

I don't know what age group they think
this cartoon about making babies is
supposed to appeal to, just don't show
it to your 12 year old unless you want
them laugh and laugh and laugh.

After the above video I have to wonder about the next and final item.

The first remarkable close-up pictures of animals in the womb

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This That And Frog Hair2: Wierd News Round Up
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