This That And Frog Hair2: Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Okay without going into major detail. I have been on a one granny mission to keep both my grandaughter and son very busy the last few days.
I wish to teach the children that even when you think things are horrible in your life you can find something that will make you feel better.

Thus the crafts. Before Christmas we made ornaments for the other side of the Grand daughters family. This took us nearly a week.
Now to keep little hands and minds busy we are starting to work on Valentine center piecies for the other family teachers and friends.
Its easy to make the ornaments.
Need to have plaster of paris
candy molds
Sucker sticks.
if you wish to hang the ornament you will need somthing to attach to the backside. I found that staples are handy.
washable paint.
"hair" paint brushes. The plastic don't work very well.
Mix plaster of paris until soupy (for the sucker type place you sticks in before the pour.) Pour into molds.
Dry till hard. Instructions recommend 24 hours. About 3 will work.
Pop ornaments out of molds and begin to create master pieces that will last forever if taken care of.
Also you can put a poly urthanine finsish on these.
Once painted they should look like candy.

I will try to get better pics later, as I have time

Two finished center pieces. The bases are styofoam glued together and painted. Watch out for the glue you use. Some, glues love to eat the styrofoam.

The ribbon is attached to the base after curling with straight pins.

The candles were rolled in glue and glittered. As was some of the ornaments.

The total cost for each ornament was under 3 bucks. Each one takes several hours to make. The upside is you can be letting each piece dry while you are working on another piece.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Ways to Keep Kids Busy
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