This That And Frog Hair2: Promises You must Keep

Friday, August 18, 2006

Promises You must Keep

Earlier today I wrote a post and blogger ate it.

My bad I hadn't saved it so I will try to recreate it. I warn everyone ahead of time it may be offensive.

Random thoughts, musings and concerns.

As I sat her today listening to the tripe of the media, the Ramsey case some nut that stressed on a flight causing it to be diverted and another with something that smelled like a bomb to a dog.
I heard it again. Its been a while. It was there. I got up. Dad and I went outside to double check. It brought fear to me. It brought fear to my dad.
What was it you wonder? It was F15's hitting the afterburners. That sound took my safe feeling and sent it to the netherworld. The last times I saw and heard those types of planes zooming by there was a possible threat to something with in our nation.

I have a lot of experience of not feeling safe. I have a long history of knowing to trust that feeling. When I was a cop I worked with the USAF gee we had a base in the same community. I picked up info speak. I learned something from the bits and pieces from the military.

I live in fly-over America we should feel safe. Many do I would guess. I really don't know if they do or not.
I know this from the cradle I was reared to know to trust that feeling. That instinct telling me not all is right in our world. I was taught that you know what you know. Each time a lesson was taught. My grandmothers would point to their stomachs and say you know here. 'I know what I know.'

I have many things I ponder on. I have tried to figure out why when I see the military in the skies I don't feel safe. Why when I see them patrolling the waterways here I don't feel safe.
It didn't used to be this way. As I think about it. These things didn't apply we, when had the world trade centers, or no body had crashed into the Pentagon. Well you know what I mean. That was a safer time at least to the rest of our world.
Since 1995 our world here has been different. We didn't used to see military choppers and planes overhead. Planes were the puddle jumper here and there. Choppers were only life flight headed for someone in need of attention. Now we see gunships flying about. We watch them watch us here on the lake. We see military jets headed to places unknown. I don't feel safe.

What I have puzzled on is why these feelings are caused. I then realized that when the Left leaning MSM and the littler chiefs in D.C. start their clap trap we begin to see many things. I watch. I watch the cops and military. I watch what is going on around me. I don't' feel safe. I don't feel safe when fighter pilots are hitting max. Speed overhead. I profile around me. I don't feel safe.

I know what I know. I was taught to always be aware of what goes on around me. I was taught never to trust. Beware of the dangers about.
This came from generations of my people being betrayed by what the rest of the mainstream trust. By the government. The government betrayed my people to steal their lands, homes and break up their families, and murder them. They government killed many of my ancestors. Many ancestors were slaughtered like sheep in a slaughter house. We were not white we were red.

Now you tell me these Muslims are special. Its not okay to put underwear on their heads and call it torture.
What about my people? The red people that took your God or died? What about us? You broke our families apart. Our people were chattel until the 20th century and beyond. We had no allies. You told us to learn English worship you God or die. You stole our lands. You, insisted on putting our children in your schools and never returning them. That was wonderful then. It is ignored now. Our history is not your history. We have been here ten thousand times before you. We know danger. We know fear. We know what we know. Our chiefs went to Washington a few years back to tell you of the dangers. They addressed your U.N. They were scoffed at and laughed at. You sent them home trying to shame them. They warned you.
Now its your turn to be here 10 times more.

Tell me again about why they, the Muslims are special? Tell me why you care so much for them. They have a different religion from you. Many do not treat their women and children well. You treated my people lower than dogs.
You treat these men that harm their children and women as if they were special.

Youe have suddenly grown a heart? You have decided now its not a good thing to make everyone worship one God? You have decided now to treat evil good and good evil? After several hundred years of forcing peoples to be like you you decided it is now okay not to be the master, the stregth.

I say once again you are breaking your treaties with us. You pledged to keep us safe if we gave in to you. You have promises to keep. You promised us first before this people you call muslim.

I know this, our world is not safe. Its in the wind. Its written in the sand. Its every where. We are not safe.

You can read all the history you want. Until you have survived it you don't know you can't judge.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Promises You must Keep
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