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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog Chatter

I thought I would do a Wednesday version of my What is Everyone Talking About.
I know a bunch of you miss my cheery comments on your blogs. However I just have to make it to so many blog homes sometimes the time flies by way to fast. Okay enough excuses.
Gayle has a post on an Article of the NYT that Old soldier explains so very well. Its one to check out.
Beth is like the energizer bunny she just keeps going on and on with the truth and light exposing ugly things and having fun along the way.
GoogleBombing at Right Wing News? HuH?
MFVOV Blog - Positive Voices from Military Families Has some links to let your voices be heard in D.C. yet again. Tell them ya tired of the Crap that the MSM namely Cnn is pulling.
Weighing in on M.J. Fox and Rush we have
doing Trak backs today we have
Diane. For more fun and pleasure reading. Check out:
Or hey just start surfing the blog rolls on the side bars. Its all good.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Blog Chatter
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