This That And Frog Hair2: Jots and thoughts

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jots and thoughts

I adopted this little witchy frog from
Shortcut through the pics there is tons of fun at this site should you choose to waste some time and take a peek.

I thought I would give some brief thoughts on a couple of things. This week has been a nightmare. Something I have not identified set in last weekend.
(I suspect the flu visited early) Most of this last week was spent in a horizontal position, hoping and praying it would pass soon.

Uncle Mac is closing down his blog that was the frosting on my buns. I will miss him.
I didn't comment much when I was reading blogs. The absolute outrage I felt only made me feel worse. When I read an article that some idiots are trying get/force the Amish to take food stamps. Then there was the Koran in a cat pan thing that is posed to be a hate crime? The double standard contributed to my headache. The list goes on and on.

The blog-o-sphere is filled with voices from everywhere. Some positive and filled with good news and others ugly and gloomy. The child molesters have a voice in this giant world. What really should be happening when someone finds a site they believe is promoting pediphilia they should contact the or call the local FBI and report what you have found. Making a big deal over these sites, only tends to send the creeps underground and makes the cops job that much harder. Even if you manage to get google or whoever to ban the site.
What have you accomplished?
Not a damn thing.
The kids are still being used and abused.
The chances for helping them have declined.
The chances of an arrest and justice is declining.
Try giving the cops a chance to find these people.
As angry as harming kids makes me, I have choosen to bide my time and turn the sites over to the agency that can deal with it. These agencies have the power, time and resources to sort out the ugly truth and justice will be served.
Think about it before you react. Think about which is better for the children.

Woohoo Update UncleMac is sticking around. He is going to tuffen up. Bout dang time if you ask me.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Jots and thoughts
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