This That And Frog Hair2: Bizarre Revenge

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bizarre Revenge

Bizarre Revenge

After his wife left him, spurned husband Donald Niblett wrecked their home with a bulldozer, causing damage in excess of 15,000 English pounds.

In 1988, an Egyptian belly-dancer paid back her unfaithful husband by going on a massive spending spree with his credit card totaling $46,000 before flying to his villa in France and smashing the place up.

A married pilot dismissed his mistress from his London apartment. The young woman agreed to leave but asked for a day to pack her belongings. When he returned from an overseas flight he found the phone off the hook. His mistress had made a long distance call to the speaking clock in Washington D.C.

A housewife, distraught over her husband's unfaithfulness, decided to throw herself out of the window of their third floor apartment. She didn't realize her husband was walking beneath. She survived, he did not.


Signs of Nude Jogger Shrink in Cold Weather

SAN JOSE, Calif. - California's recent cold snap has ended sightings of a middle-age man who likes to jog naked in a park outside San Jose. While rangers at the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve have never encountered the man, numerous park visitors have reported seeing the same man running in the buff for the past year and a half, the San Jose Mercury News said Thursday. The man wears only glasses, shoes and a black tam hat unless it's a hot day, said Sue Bowdoin, who has been startled by him twice while riding her horse through the 739-acre park. "He passed me and said 'Good evening'", Bowdoin said. "I think he has a screw loose." Others who have crossed paths with the man told the newspaper he is cordial and polite and doesn't do anything threatening. However, nude jogging is not only illegal in the park, but dangerous because of the abundance of poison oak, the report said.

Parking Ticket Rage Boils Over

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco lawmakers are considering giving public employees with the thankless job of parking meter enforcement more than just pens and ticket pads. The city wants cameras in all vehicles used by the ticket writers as well as arming them with mace to help ward off "parking ticket rage," the Los Angeles Times said. State lawmakers could soon act on a bill that would make it a felony to physically attack parking enforcement personnel, the Times reported Thursday. Parking ticket rage is spreading throughout the state. A spokeswoman for the union representing the Bay Area's parking ticket writers says
In addition to the annoyance of getting a ticket, many people now feel it's just the government "ripping them off." In his 11 years writing tickets in San Francisco, James Hudson says he has been attacked, run over at least once and told to "get a real job. Some people don't know how to control their anger," he said. San Francisco officials say enough is enough, especially since serious attacks are on the rise. The number of parking ticket
Writers attacked in 2006 rose to 28 from 17 the year before, including four assaults in November, the report said.

Missing Love Lives Adorning Milk Cartons

CARDIFF, Wales, Unmarried residents are posting personal descriptions on milk cartons in search of love as part of a lonely hearts venture in the Welsh town of Denbigh. Working
Off the concept of missing children that have long adorned milk cartons, those living around the small Welsh town decided to place the romantic "Fancy a Farmer?" stickers on area milk
Products to find dates, the Western Mail said. Iwan Jones, who helped expand the venture from a simple joke, said the stickers could potentially assist area residents to find romantic relationships in an area bereft of a dating scene. "The Welsh countryside is a great place to live, with stunning scenery, but it can be a hard place to find a date, as I'm finding out," Jones said. "The ratio of men to women is skewed where I live because a lot of young women have moved to other areas like Cardiff to find work after leaving college," he added. Working in conjunction with the online site,, the dairy service is aiming to set up local singles dates in time for the romantic Welsh holiday of St. Dwynwen's Day on Thursday.

Man Memorizes pi to 12,887 Digits

For the math-challenged, remembering pi equals 3.14 is tough; now a Pennsylvania man has memorized pi to 12,887 digits. Mark Umile, 40, a fling clerk from Upper Darby, figured the problem by hand, writing down the results 1,000 digits at a time -- and then memorized the number, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. "I was really proud of him that he did
it," his wife, Maryann, said. "I can't remember a phone number." The world record for reciting pi is 100,000 digits and was set in Japan, but Umile's feat eclipsed the old North American record of 10,980., the Inquirer said. Umile, however, does hold the record for memorizing 905 digits of the mathematical constant "e" and the first 5,544 digits of the square root of two, the Inquirer said.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Bizarre Revenge
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