This That And Frog Hair2: A Result of Sex Not Abortion

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Result of Sex Not Abortion

As a sidenote all of the below pictures are the direct result of sex

I have surfed through several blogs lately for and against abortion. I have thought a lot about this issue. I have known women that have had abortions and well the mental results were harsh on most of them. I have only known one that had an abortion that well, I am not really sure what was up with it. I was told it was possibly life threatening to her. Soon after she had several cancer scars and several more surgeries related to health problems. All that aside. My personal belief is the moment the
heart beats its a life.

This has become a hot political issue for MEN to debate.
Well I think politicians should shut the hell up sit down and leave it to the women and the families. The day a male politician delivers a bouncing 8 lb baby is the day they have a say on the matter. This is not a political issue this a moral issue it belongs to the families of those involved.

Mothers & Fathers if you rear you daughters to respect life and themselves chances are abortion won't be an issue.
Again I say


if you rear your daughters to respect themselves and life.

Now if you want to bring the fathers or sperm donors as many of them are known as into this mix. They, I say they are morally responsible also. Chances are they were not held down at gun point to perform this service. Here again parents when you rear your children to be responsible adults they will make the right choices. Instead of "yea that's my boy he scored again." You need to be teaching that young man respect for himself, human life and responsibility. It takes two to create that heartbeat. As I recall.

The hands that rock the cradle rules the world.

From where I am sitting. in tiny town America

I see a whole lot of triflin' going on and no body wants to be responsible.

Between the t.v the media and public schools your tots know all about sex.

They don't have a clue about God

They know about sex and drugs. Hell half the kids graduating can't read the damn planned parenthood pamphlets. Who's fault is that? Well let's us parents blame the schools, the teachers, the school boards. Far be it for us to take the time to parent our children. Parenting starts in the womb and ends when you die. If your child can't read or write you are not being a parent.

You are not paying attention.

Here's a news flash if you don't know if your child can't read or not.

I would bet you don't have a clue if he/she is sexually active.

I am the last to person in the world to push young people into marriage. I would never ever encourage a loveless marriage. I am saying stand up and be responsible for your actions. Death is a selfish ugly choice. Abortion is death. Abortion has a much higher price tag than a coupla hundred bucks.


Thousands of people would love to have the chance to love and care for a child. Adoptions are the beginnings of life. The beginnings of families.

In my mind the choice was there long before the heartbeat. The choice, parents is there when your child starts showing interest in the opposite sex.
Its time for you as parents to make sure your child understands fully the consequence of unprotected sex. It's time as parents to take that choice back away from the schools the tv the media and educate YOUR child.

There choice was there when you decided to start having sex. Yes it was. I don't care how old you are, or which gender, when you make that choice along with it comes responsibility and accountability.

The choice was there the moment you woke in the morning and skipped Your pill. The choice was there when YOU decided not to use some sort of birth control. This issue of abortion is ha about women's rights to choose.
That's the biggest load of horse crap. Abortion is about not being responsible for your actions. Not being adult enough to make the correct choice. I don't care if you are 13 or 40,
Well baby you came a long way and you have hundreds of choices, ranging from, condoms, shots to patches to pills creams jellies and the list goes on. When you chose not to use them and proceed on with the moment of passion.
You as a female along with your male partner chose to create that heartbeat, that tiny little life that depends on you for its existence. Now the choice should be over. Now, both of you stand accountable for your actions.

As a sidenote all of the above pictures are the direct result of sex.

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This That And Frog Hair2: A Result of Sex Not Abortion
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