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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Must Read Blogs

Blogs to read this weekend while it rains. First one of my gracious hosts Hillbilly White Trash
had_this on his blog. So I followed the link to_here Cookie's, a must read.
Right after this posting I shall be writing Inholfe, Coburn and Sullivan to let them know just what I think. Just letting you know I don't care if you have an R, D, or an I by your name I will let you know what I think when it comes to injustice and stomping on my vets.
Now for the other blogs of interest The first part of the list you will find my hosts and hostess. I have had very bad manners in not introducing them before this. They are great people.

Blue Star Chronicles Beth one of my hostesses a delightful and gracious lady

Bornagain Redneck Patrick on of my hosts. What can I say he is a wonderful gentle man with a lot of heart.

Rightwing Guy Terrance who has been wonderful during the move of Frog Hair.

All Blog Stars This is a site where occasionally I post. I have no clue who my hostess is. I am sure by now everyone but me has an idea of who she is.

Bloggin' Outloud Of The Blogs of Summer

Blogs for FOX A great collections of information and of course a host.

WebKittyn Warbles

Paranormal Experience #1 Gotta give a plug to Joanna she is a bundle of energy with small kids and a hubby she still finds time to work on an internet radio show over at Big Dawg Radio
She is no way political. But a lot of fun.

Jarhead's Firing Range always has something interesting to read.

All Things Beautiful
Always On The Watch
Eyes all Around
Freedom Gunz

Now this is mo reedun than anybody can handle this weekend.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Must Read Blogs
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