This That And Frog Hair2: Talking About Madonna

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talking About Madonna

I am indifferent to Madonna. Actually I can't recall any of the music she has spewed as something I like. Give me that ole time rock-n-roll or country. I love the blues and some jazz. I get happy feet with Pretty Woman by Roy O (that brings back memories). Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, REO brings back the days. You wanta start a party at my house fling All My Rowdy Friends are Comin Over Tonight and the food starts to sizzle. Lord the beer will flow. Nothing like a party here. Everyone is always welcome at my house. I have several rules which I enforce. You are not allowed to pee on the roses or flower beds and You will not drive if you have been drinking. You never are allowed to leave here hungry. Ever.
Redneck I guess, Country you bet!!!!

A Christian I have problems calling myself a Christian. I am a believer more so than a Christian. I have a problem with folks that claim a belief in our lord and will not defend him. They run to one scripture and claim it,"turn the other cheek".

Where as I prefer to claim all of the scriptures. I claim to the world that Jesus is the one and only son of God. He stated 'deny me before man and I will deny you before the father'. That means if you allow some slug to spew something ugly against him he too is allowed that same courtesy and will not know you before the throne of God.

Now onto Madonna, I have tried several times to put her video here and if youtube allows it I will add it to this. I find it offensive to me and mine that this slug is doing this with the nod of NBC.

What I find more offensive is that this is something Christians don't want to address. Why is it that everyone but the true Christians will defend Christ? The preachers will give a nod and go on?
If you truely believe in the wonder working power of God. You will Stand and be counted. You do not judge unless you have his word behind your judgement. Then you do what the word tells you to do.

I was alerted and read about Madonna's stupid mockery of the crusifixition of Christ. I sent my email and I added a few lines to it. I may not be a conventional Christian. I may go be for the throne of Grace nekked and trembling but it won't be for denying Christ. It won't be for this:

How About You???????

Madonna Concert live Rome on Cross

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This That And Frog Hair2: Talking About Madonna
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