This That And Frog Hair2: Today's Mixed Bag of Fun and Info

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today's Mixed Bag of Fun and Info

The story once again is in the picture. Wonderful Blog.

SPARK STARTS A CONFLAGRATION for Miller Brewing!Illegal Alien
Posted on Thursday, September 14 @ 03:26:23 UTC
Topic: Boycott Miller Brewing Company
Illegal Alien
There's a childhood song we all remember titled: "It Only Takes a Spark to get a Fire Going!" The fire broke into a blaze last week as angry Americans watched Miller Brewing Company donate tens of thousands of dollars to organizations supporting illegal immigration. Mexican flag waving and protest marches received big bucks from Miller Brewing this year.
Boycott Miller Brewing Company

Nationwide Illegal Alien Worker Leasing Conspiracy Uncovered
September 13, 2006 11:45 PM EST
First we hired illegal aliens for coolie wages. Now we're leasing them out to companies. What's next? Selling them on the auction block?
by Jim Kouri - Two leaders of a nationwide employee-leasing conspiracy, that leased out hundreds of illegal aliens throughout the United States, pleaded guilty before US District Judge Kenneth Marra in the Southern District of Florida, while a third defendant was sentenced, according to sources at the US Justice Department.


My friend Patrick has a very good post on Blogs 4 Bush. Check it out click his picture.


You go Georgia Patton.

Love ya!


For the Grand Finale of the day. A must read and understand article by a Great lady

Brigitte Gabriel

They can't handle the truth on terror
Dear Friends,
They can't handle the truth on terror New York Daily News-
(This is why it is so important to know whom you are voting for and putting in office. Brigitte)
The august members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, having convened a hearing to consider what America needs in protection over the next five years, barely gave New York City's top terror expert five minutes of their time yesterday. Ho-hum, he was only talking about the lives and safety of millions.
And about how disgracefully lax and incompetent the federal government remains in keeping pace with threats.
Did you know the NYPD has an easier time getting information out of foreign intelligence services than from the Department of Homeland Security? No? You're not alone, because all but two senators left before Richard Falkenrath, deputy commissioner for counterterrorism, sat down to testify. And the two stragglers cut Falkenrath short without questions, limiting him to submitting a written statement that, who knows, someone may leaf through someday.
What they missed is more frightening than a Stephen King novel. Across the way we publish an excerpt that focuses on the rise of homegrown Islamic radicalism. The threat leaps off the page.
It cried for action as Falkenrath laid a larger truth on the line that put Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to shame: His behemoth of a bureaucracy is nowhere in domestic intelligence.
Therefore the the burden shifts instead almost entirely to local law enforcement, meaning the NYPD. And Homeland Security's Twilight Zone funding formulas won't pay the NYPD's costs.
Falkenrath's bill of particulars moved from there to: The_Rest_Here

An interview with her HERE

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This That And Frog Hair2: Today's Mixed Bag of Fun and Info
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