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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wierd News And Cams

Arkhangelsk photos: Evidence of Yeti existence?
REGNUM presents a photographic report from the place where footprints of, supposedly, a Yeti, most commonly referred to as an “Abominable Snowman,” have been found.
The footsteps were found near the village Shogorka, 35 kilometers off the Kargapor settlement in the Pinezh region of the Arkhangelsk Oblast by a local hunter Leonid Skomorokhov. He found 30 footsteps within the 24-meters area. The length of

Photos at Russian site:

Van Lake Monster Captured on Film by Japanese
Anadolu News Agency (aa), Van
Thursday, September 07, 2006
A Japanese journalist and his team that came to Turkey to collect eyewitness testimony about the legendary Van Lake monster completed their investigation with a surprise discovery.

An enduring fascination
Tuesday September 5, 2006
IT WAS love at first sight and the passion has not waned for Wayne Tarman, who regularly visits Santubong peninsula for a rendezvous with the elusive Irrawaddy dolphin which he first encountered in 2000.
He professes an addiction to dolphin-watching and though not a marine biologist, wants to spread the word about the species and raise awareness on the threats faced by this docile creature.
Married to a local and being based in Kuching for 10 years have rewarded Tarman with sightings of rare dolphin behaviours, including a full body breach.
Sharing his observations on his blog


Good times ahead for dinosaur hunters, according to U of Penn scientist's dinosaur census
PHILADELPHIA – The golden age of dinosaur discovery is yet upon us, according to Peter Dodson at the University of Pennsylvania. In a forthcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Dodson revises his groundbreaking 1990 census on the diversity of discoverable dinosaurs upward by 50%, offering a brighter outlook about the number of dinosaurs waiting to be found. His findings also add evidence that dinosaur populations were stable, and not on the decline, in the time shortly before their extinction 65 million years ago.


Indonesia finds signs of rare Javan rhino breeding
Fri Sep 1, 2006
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Experts in Indonesia say they have found evidence suggesting that four Javan rhino calves have been born in recent weeks, raising hopes over the prospects for a species on the brink of extinction.

The_Rest_Of_The story here

Webcam live from Zoo Atlanta
Go live inside Zoo Atlanta's panda home and help us
name the new cub

One of my favorite places to kill time.
The hosts of this site I found to be a very nice. I have emailed them my thanks for this site. I have posted it before. Its 24/7. I gotta tell you if you enjoy animal antics after the sun goes down you may see Mr. Coon squaring off with his Neighbor Mr Possum, over the feed bowl. On occasion I have seen Ms. Squirrel doing battle with a Mr. Jay bird in the day time. The folks that host this put a lot of time and effort into it. They even have a chat set up to visit with others watching the nocturnal comedy.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Wierd News And Cams
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