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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Musings Meanderings from the desk of Me
The very last thing to ease the pain of losing someone even an icon is killing animals?
That is the polor opposicte of what Irwin stood for. What Morons.
10 stingrays killed since Irwin's death
Updated 9/12/2006 7:51 AM ET
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — At least 10 stingrays have been killed since "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was fatally injured by one of the fish, an official said Tuesday, prompting a spokesman for the late TV star's animal charity to urge people not take revenge on the animals.
Almost laughable.
Rival Admits Leaking Schwarzenegger Tape
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- The campaign of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Democratic rival acknowledged Tuesday that it downloaded - and leaked to the media - a recording of a private meeting in which the governor described a Hispanic legislator as having a "very hot" personality.
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Ship with N. Korean weapons seized enroute to Syria
NICOSIA — The Republic of Cyprus has stopped a ship full of North Korean weapons systems bound for Syria.
Officials said Greek Cypriot authorities responded to an alert by Interpol to capture a ship bound for Syria from North Korea. They said security agents found a mobile air defense system and components of a missile launcher.
I haven't told many in the blog-o-sphere, but I am going to share
something because I am thinking about finding a
guest blogger for a a wee bit of help. I have
what I think is a very good reason.
I hve spent the last almost 9 months with 3 ruptured discs in my lower back.
After months of that dreadful workers comp.
More doctors than anyone should have to deal with.
I shall probably have to deal with some sort of surgery to repair the
dang things.
Thus the need for a guest to post pictures and jokes.
The only problem with my 2 kiddo's I have now is G.I. Man is TDY
Conserative Girl works full time and is also doing full time college again this year. They are both begging off for a while.
Now how does one go about findin' a guest.
Especially with a warped sense of humor, bawdy jokes and trashy pictures?
The qualifications for this sound simple ha. Put them altogether
it ain't easy being cheesy.
Any takers?

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This That And Frog Hair2: Musings
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