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Monday, April 23, 2007

Update From Wierd News

Anyone that has followed this blog knows I used to do a wierd news round up. Its been awhile. Through my news round up I met via the net Florentino, jr Floro a judge from the Phillipines. The judge corrosponded with them off and on since that first post. I told him as his story unfolds send me the links and I would post them. A promise is a promise. The judge has emailed me several items. The following is a copy of his email missing his email addy of course.

Ex-judge charges CA ‘Dirty Dozen’

By Jomar Canlas, Reporter

A former judge has filed administrative charges against 12 justices of the Court of Appeals who are on the Ombudsman’s list of magistrates under watch for corruption.

In his complaint to the Supreme Court, former Malabon Regional Trial Court Judge Florentino Floro Jr. identified only one justice and asked the Court to compel Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez to submit the rest of the names on her list.

Floro named only Justice Romeo Barza, a former president of the Philippine Judges Association and senior partner of the Carpio Villaraza Cruz Angangaco law office.
In his 23-page Verified Disbarment Complaint Floro charged the 12 with gross misconduct, gross ignorance of the law, manifest undue interest, issuing questionable temporary restraining orders and violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards.
Floro asked the Supreme Court to conduct a judicial audit on the 12 and place them under preventive suspension.

He said he singled out Barza because he believes Barza is the justice Gutierrez referred to as “a former judge known for his indiscriminate and improvident issuance of TROs.”
Floro also asked the Court to subpoena this Manila Times reporter to reveal the names on Ombudsman watchlist.

The Times had run an article on the “Dirty Dozen” in CA based on the Ombudsman’s list.
Floro said he filed the complaint in his capacity as a taxpayer.

The Supreme Court had dismissed Floro after he admitted that he consulted with supposed supernatural beings like elves in deciding cases.

He said he also based his complaint against Barza from a report by Mercedita G. Dadole-Ignacio, the Cebu CA division clerk of court, to CA Clerk of Court Elisa Pilar-Longalong.
Barza reportedly issued five TROs from January 18 to February 26, 2007, or one TRO a week.

Based on the records submitted by the 23 CA division clerks of court, Barza issued the string of TROs while assigned in the Cebu CA. Barza is now stationed in Manila.
The restraining orders involve the cases of Sun Life of Canada v. National Labor Relations Commission, the Armed Forces v. Yolanda Lauron, Doloreich A. Dumaluan v. Ombudsman Gutierrez, Assumption Iloilo v. Fedy T. Bhuiyan and O.G. Holdings Corp. v. Environmental Management Bureau.

The Times tried to reach Barza through his staff, Grace Salamat, but Salamat refused to provide the justice’s cell-phone number.

The Ombudsman is monitoring 10 male and two female justices, all assigned in Manila.
Chief Justice Reynato Puno has a similar list which includes Cebu CA magistrates.
The CA has 69 justices, 51 of which are assigned in Manila. Many of them rose from the lower courts.

One justice on the list is a former judge known for the “indiscriminate” and “improvident” issuances of TROs and is connected to a big law office. Another member is being watched for his “lavish” spending and rich lifestyle.

One magistrate is a former RTC judge in Quezon City. The two female justices reportedly has “strong connections” in the judiciary and is linked to a big law office and a gambling lord in Central Luzon. They were also seen frequenting big casinos wearing disguises.
The other justice fixes cases, with his wife acting as his agent. Another justice handles mainly labor cases.

An aging justice reportedly earned a fortune from a series of cases and loves to play golf.
The Supreme Court has begun to crack down on “hoodlums in robes” in the Court of Appeals.

It has sacked CA Associate Justice Elvi John Asuncion for delays in resolving motions for reconsideration within the required period and the irregular issuance of TROs.

The Complaint is a summary of:




Thursday, March 29, 2007

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