This That And Frog Hair2: Musings and Questions

Monday, August 28, 2006

Musings and Questions

Hello has anyone besides me noticed this horse is dead? It is time to bury the damn thing. I had a thought a while ago. Since the Dems from La. are so scratching for mo money. Their mantra should be give me the money.
Or howze about this. Give N.O. back to the French?
Let them go under the dominace of someone else for awhile.
We kill two birds with one stone. The French everyone seems to be so damn fond of can rebuild N.O. to its former beauty. Showing their excellance at managing civilazation. We save tax dollars and most of the I love France gang can move to N.O.. Ha problem solved.!!!!!


Brian Williams: Back in New Orleans

Storm diaspora changes cities, lives

Now for another observation.
Yes things in Iraq look grim on the news. Every day we are beaten up with bad news. Am I right? Just give me this one.
All the liberal politicians and left wing army in this nation want to scream its this that and a cival war in Iraq. Well if things are that damn bad howze comes everytime ya see a news clip of a terrorist attack there you see the IRAQI PEOPLE TAKING CARE OF THE CARNAGE????? Huh tell me Huh? Why am I seeing these people that are alledged not able to make a deciion and want Saddam the madman back. Are the ones running into the carnage and trying to make a difference. Why does it appear that these people have pride and appear to be wanting to make a difference.?

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This That And Frog Hair2: Musings and Questions
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