This That And Frog Hair2: Sound Off

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sound Off

Its-About-Damn-Time someone take charge of the assylums we call public schools.
HAMMOND, Ind. (AP) - Classrooms were a little less crowded at Morton High School on the first day of classes: 128 students were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes.

Could-Some_one_please shove a coupla corks in his orifices so he will shut the hell up?
EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) - Former Vice President Al Gore said Sunday ever-tighter political and economic control of the media is a major threat to democracy. PLEASE

Once_Again_With patta-cake. Everyday its someting more dangerous with this man.
heavy-water reactor project on Saturday, saying Tehran would not give up its right to nuclear technology despite Western fears it aims to make atomic bombs.
What Happened to the good old days of whaking nuts and telling God they just died? Oh Yeah Jimmah Carter.

CALL_THIS_Jerk_What he is a racist and bigot. As far as I am concerned he is either the dumbest jackass or the biggest con either way N.O.'s re-elected him and they deserve anything he and his cronies deal them. They can shut the hell up and pick themselves up like the folks in the other Gulf States Do. Over and Over.
Aug 27, 11:29 PM (ET)
(AP) New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin speaks at the opening of the Welcome Home Center in New Orleans,...Full Image
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NEW YORK (AP) - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin says he's sorry he used the term "hole in the ground" to describe the World Trade Center site.

Yea_Well_Ya_Still_A freakin idiot and you need a coupla corks too.
WASHINGTON - Sen. Joseph Biden (news, bio, voting record) says he can hold his own in a 2008 presidential primary against Democratic contenders from the South, noting that his home state of Delaware was a "slave state."

Your Katrina thoughts More of the get what you freakin deserve. When you are stupid enough to keep on doing the same thing over and expecting different results you are not only stupid you are crazy.
Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu answers your questions a year after the storm.

After looking through the headlines. I have once again come to the conclusion that the Republican Party needs a Come to Jesus Meetin'. At every opportunity they fail to communicate the issues of the day. They get their ass stomped in the media and smile then call and ask for a few bucks to put them back into office. My question is why?

The Demon-rats are subversive. There is an agenda within the party. Lord knows, you can't recogonize the democrat party and haven't been able to in years.
But a word of knowledge here folks the Republican party is sliding down the same slippery slope. They are splintering and running from the basic truths that we all know.
They are just funnin' themselves into believing they are still the Grand Ole Party. When you are in the majority then act like it Stand up Loud and Proud !!!! Get your point across unless you really are for the other guy and would much rather allow himself to do it for you. The republicans seem to forget that it was a whole lot of democrats that voted G.W. in office. If he had not of had our votes he would be in office today. Now taking that inot con-sid-er-ation and the fact that a whole lotta democrats have been voting republican for a number of years. Why can't the Republicans get it? Its time to stand and unite..Nuff said

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This That And Frog Hair2: Sound Off
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