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Monday, October 02, 2006

I just love crypto news. Its always facinating to me. One of the big debates for years are big cats east of the Rockies. DNR or whatever you call your state game agency will tell you there are no big cats in most states. People around here me included have seen them. Why bother report them? No body will believe you. They will treat you like an idiot. Unless of course you find scat,
aka cat poop, tracks, hair, hide and a video.
This bugs me for several reason's mainly big cats are dangerous. They have been known for human kills. Green horns or city slickers want to feed them tame them. That encourages them around a human population. Eventually this will get someone hurt or killed. I have a friend that is a game ranger. He and I have talked about big cats and bears in this area. Officially there are none. Why? because of city slickers and greenhorns. There aint no winning this debate.
Recently CNN had a news bit about a big cat that broke into a man's house in Colorado. Granted it was Colorado. However by the third time they were running the bit they had changed the cat from cougar to bobcat. Now being country I can tell ya there is a damn site difference in size between the two. Not to mention build, tail, ears, and coat. Another thing I find interesting is that big cats are seen in the U.K. and down under.
In Ind. there is this: News_15 it includes video. Tell me what ya think.
Mi: BigCat
In N.C. NewsHere
I could drag out a few dozen stories of folks that have seen big cats but these will do.

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This That And Frog Hair2
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