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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Observation From the Rocker

I am going to weigh in with my two cents worth on this disgusting issue with Foley. I have read a great post by Patrick with a lot of insight on this issue. I am no expert on human behavior. I have years of observation and have know many homosexuals and lesbians. I have known many that claimed to be gay. The gay life style was somewhat different from the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle. I have had many friends that were homosexual. Some of the younger guys craved the attentions of the older men. This seem to give some sort of acceptance and status to them, in their minds anyway.
I have not read the emails. I have no intrest in reading them at this point until the responses are posted also. I do have several questions about these emails. What were the responses? What exactly did this page reply to these emails. The i.m.'s? There are several sides to each story. We all know this.

I am not defending Foley in anyway. He is an idiot. He is using the democrat dodge 'the booze made me do it'. Which is not the truth either. Booze didn't make him do anything. It loosened his fascade and his real self came out. He has been a homosexual for years as in life long.I don't belive you just wake up one day and decide you are a homosexual or a lesbian. Foley has just hidden it pretty well is my guess.
I have known several politicians that errr are/were homosexual. They were discreet with their life styles and had sense enough not to pursue young men that were underage or 'off limits'. I am not going to lob stones at Foley, he has a 'multitude of sins' on this one. However I believe that this was a well timed political Assassination. With the cannon fodder as an attempt to take out others in the GOP.

The part of the story we are not hearing is the story behind this mess. The Dems calling for Hassert's resigination. A statement of "I had talked to Hassert and was told he had taken care of this." raises my spider senses. How about you?

I have sat back and watched the Republican's take hit after hit from the left. Acting like a defensless lamb will not get them the votes they need come next month. Time and again they have splintered and not acted like what they are the majority. There is an old adage of a house divided will not stand. Its time to circle the wagons and unite for once. Or get down and dirty and fire some ugly shots back at the other side.

As for me I am much more concerned about other things like:

North Korean nuclear test would be 'unacceptable threat:'
USOct 03 10:13 AM US/Eastern

Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing

Bush organizing school violence summit
AStoryHere this will probably mean here comes the Brady Bunch after gun owners again. Sorry but anytime any group of folks get together over violence they want to take my Second Ammendment Right and wad it up and toss it out.

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This That And Frog Hair2: Observation From the Rocker
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