This That And Frog Hair2: John F. Kerry the Secret Op of the Republicans?

Friday, November 03, 2006

John F. Kerry the Secret Op of the Republicans?

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John F. Kerry the Secret Op of the Republicans?

Penning my thoughts on this mess.
I haven't any inside sources to confirm my suspicions. I am working on linking with Ms.
Peace Moonbeam to make some inside contacts.
However after observing this man for several years. I have several conclusions. He is a DINO yes that's my take. The Republicans have their RINOS the democrats have their DINOS.
J.F. Kerry courted and married a Republican widow. Everyone claims she changed over to the Democrat side. Did she really? After 30 years of putting her money where the Republicans live does she equally do the same for the Democrat party? I very much doubt it.

Mr. Kerry has over and over acted the part of the 6th stooge. He practically had the 04 election sewed up. Then he, Bumbled around talking about Viet Nam. Which everyone knows was the dumbest thing he could have done. He slurred the voting base that would have put him in the oval office. Literally handing the office to Bush.
Why I ask you? Why would this man with his looks money and power act like this? Well I will tell you he is a DINO. Lets just discount his voting record. Everyone knows when its is an issue near and dear to the hearts of the Democrats he is absent. He only says he votes Democrat. He actually misses most critical votes.

I digress, Mr.Kerry once again waited until the 11th hour to deliver statements that would once again inflame the masses. He full well knew this and did it anyway. All appearances are he will change the balance of power alright. He will hand more precious seats over to the Republicans. This leads me to believe that Mr. Kerry has either gone completely around the bend or he is a Republican Op. Since Mr. Kerry has the finest health care plan in the world he must be the latter.

How does this happen a staunch Democrat becomes a Republican op? Right under the noses of the party. My questions are who else are ops? Who else is hidden in the party? How do we identify the Dinos? My suspicions are that H. Clinton, Harry Ried and many others are slowly drifting to the center and beyond. How can this problem be repaired in time for the 08 elections? We must be able to identify the DINOs and remove them we only have a week to execute this plan.

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This That And Frog Hair2: John F. Kerry the Secret Op of the Republicans?
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