This That And Frog Hair2: Rant from the Rocking Chair.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rant from the Rocking Chair.

I sat here today listening to President Bush give his speech or whatever its called to the press and the U.S.
I was disappointed to say the least. I am disappointed that he believes I am stupid enough to buy into the immigration crap he is peddling. I am sick and damn tired of hearing the

To the elected officials of this nation submit your resignations and go the hell back to whatever place you came from.
To the American people vote vote vote. Vote every damn one of these idiots out of office. Do not vote in another attorney.
Term Limits
Term Limits
Term Limits
Term Limits
Term Limits

These people that have been elected to office have no clue what is good for this country. They have no idea how to fight a war. Nor do they intend to go the extra mile and find out. Lets talk about what is good and not good for you and me.


Was that good. Ya liking that now? Hiking those taxes. How much are you paying at the gas pump for gas and how much are ya paying in taxes?
Oh yea that little ole place called the grocery store. Ya likin those prices? Are ya? As each item goes up, up goes the taxes on that item.
Thanks Nancy you and your gang have helped us all out.

Those folks that are taking jobs Americans won't take. Anyone buying that load of horseshit? The jobs they don't seem to be taking around here are Union jobs which are rare.

The rest of the jobs are going to them. Hell there are local places such as refineries and power plants that hire contractors that have all immigrant crews for you mr. bush that would be illegal immigrants with real looking papers. These people are not making less than our citizens. They earn the same. they pay very little in taxes and mail it all home to support their nation. Mexico's top way of supporting it's self is sending its citizcens to our country to send money home..
I know American citizens that would love to have those jobs.

But hey lets all kow-tow the the government and the stupid ideas cranking out of the beltway. I For one say if they have had one trip to Washington D.C. with our tax dollars paying their way. Send their asses home and find someone that lives in the real world to send to D.C.
Lets have those pesky term limits to limit the lobby groups that are getting their way and not our way!!!


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This That And Frog Hair2: Rant from the Rocking Chair.
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